Malena Perrot

I'm a passionate French actress working in TV, Film, Theatre, Dubbing and Corporate Productions. I am fluent in English with an european accent and am currently represented both in France and in the UK.

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Personal details

Born France
Age range 28 - 36
Build Feminine
Height 160
Colour of hair Blonde
Hair style straight long
Colour of eyes Brown/green
Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Soprano



2017 - 2020
Compagnie des Nouveaux Mondes (France)
2017 9 weeks acting in English intensive
GFCA Paris - Giles Foreman Centre for Acting (France)
2010 - 2012
Jack Waltzer Workshops (France)
2007 - 2010 Acting in English
Cours Florent (France)



Languages French (mother tongue)
English – American (fluent)
English (fluent)
German (good)
Spanish (basic)
Singing Stage singing (good)
Musical (good)
Pop song (good)
A Cappella (good)
Musical instruments




CV - Film
2021 A plein temps
Vendeuse de vêtement Small role
Directed by: Eric Gravel
2020 Ma plus belle histoire d'amour
Juliette Lead
Directed by: Laurent Firode
2020 Clochard
Audrey Lead
Directed by: Simon Zhou & Hugo Cayla
2019 Alternative
Professeur de philosophie Guest role
Directed by: Maïlis Jeunesse
2018 Couteau suisse
Laurence, une scénariste Lead
Directed by: Olivier Guyot et Malena Perrot
2018 Respire
Julie, jeune femme boulimique Lead
Directed by: Paul Veloso
2018 Chacun pour tous
journaliste Small role
Directed by: Vianney Lebasque
2016 Monsieur Clair de lune
Laura Lead
Directed by: Guilhem Sendras


CV - Television & Streaming
2022 Les Sentinelles
Christine Ramel Actor in episode
Directed by: Jean-Philippe Amar
2020 Pour Sarah
standardiste hôpital Small role
Directed by: Frédéric Berthe
2019 Munch
Pauline Vannier (soeur du guest) Small role
Directed by: Nicolas Guicheteau
2018 Petits secrets en famille
Sidonie Kepler Star of episode
Directed by: Jérémie Patier
2018 Orient-Express, le voyage d'une légende
Small role
Directed by: Louis-Pascal Couvemaire
2018 Engrenages
Secrétaire médicale Small role
Directed by: Frédéric Jardin
2016 Petits secrets entre voisins
Star of episode
Directed by: Martin Day


CV - Theatre
2023 Le dernier Syrien
Directed by: Malena Perrot
2019 Empreintes du silence
Elina Lead
Directed by: Alison Demey
2018 Rumeurs rumeurs (D.Mauberty)
La mère Lead
Directed by: Didier Mauberty
2019 Octobre (J.Prévert)
Supporting Lead
Directed by: Julie Horreaux
2019 L'empreinte du silence (C.Tithonen)
Elina Lead
Directed by: Alison Demay
2014 Grand-Peur et misère du IIIème Reich (Brecht)
la femme juive Supporting Lead
Directed by: Malena Perrot
2012 La leçon (Ionesco)
L'élève Lead
Directed by: Telmo Herrera


CV - Commercials
2021 Hermès
Guest role
Directed by: Christophe Flouss
2019 Gucci
Star of episode
Directed by: Christophe Flous
2017 Manpower
Audrey, la commerciale Lead
Directed by: Philippe Perez
2016 Manpower
Audrey, la commerciale Lead
Directed by: Yves Lechermeier


CV - Audio
2019 The outpost
Naya (voix de Medalion Rahimi) Ongoing role
Directed by: Fabrice Josso (directeur artistique doublage)
2017 Chicago PD
Michelle (voix de Madison McLaughlin) Ongoing role
Directed by: Philippe Blanc (directeur artistique doublage)


CV - Other